The feeding structuresof a sperm whale

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The sperm whale or cachalot [a] Physeter macrocephalus is the largest of the toothed whales and the largest toothed predator. It is the only living member of the genus Physeter and one of three extant species in the sperm whale family , along with the pygmy sperm whale and dwarf sperm whale of the genus Kogia. The sperm whale is a pelagic mammal with a worldwide range, and will migrate seasonally for feeding and breeding. The females cooperate to protect and nurse their young. Females give birth every four to twenty years, and care for the calves for more than a decade.
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Sperm Whale

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Sperm whale - Wikipedia

Sperm whales are the largest of the toothed whales and have one of the widest global distributions of any marine mammal species. They are found in all deep oceans, from the equator to the edge of the pack ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. They are named after the waxy substance—spermaceti—found in their heads. The spermaceti is an oil sac that helps the whales focus sound.
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Sperm whale

Previous studies on the diet of sperm whales have shown that their principal food is squid. In the summer of the stomach contents of 57 male sperm whales, caught off the west coast of Iceland, were examined. Data from these stomachs provide a complete contrast to records from other parts of the world in that the dominant food of these whales was fish. The most important fish species in the diet were Cyclopterus lumpus, Sebastes sp. All the fish specie eaten, with one exception, are found rmally on the sea-bed, and from a consideration of th depth distributions of thes fish, together with the positions at which the whales were caught, it is suggested that the Icelandic sperm whales feed o the sea bottom to depths of at least m.
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They have the largest brain of any creature known to have lived on Earth. Their heads also hold large quantities of a substance called spermaceti. Whalers once believed that the oily fluid was sperm, but scientists still do not understand the function of spermaceti.
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